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The Story of


BUTTERFLY BAZAAR has evolved from a lifetime of creative pursuits.


As a child I was encouraged by family members to learn to sew, knit, paint, draw and make things. There was a sewing machine in the kitchen and my Nana’s house was filled with exquisite embroidery cushions and tablecloths. As a teenager I adapted clothes, once adding ruffles to a school shirt to wear to a disco. I studied art at A level, Typography at university and went on to work in publishing. When my children were small I made their clothes and sold hand smocked dresses.


A chance class in jewellery making began my journey to start BUTTERFLY BEADING creating and selling beaded jewellery at craft fairs along with prayer beads and rosaries to cathedral and church gift shops.


An impulse purchase of a patchwork magazine re ignited my interest, not pursued since my student days, when a good friend explained the complexities of cathedral window patchwork. My version of one of the quilts in that magazine was later published. So began the quilt making. Bags followed on, accompanied by my ongoing love of knitting and the making of socks and baby bootees I christened ‘Cosy Toes’ all knitted with brightly coloured wools. So I became BUTTERFLY BEADING AND BAGS.


The variety of items made, and on display at shows prompted the latest incarnation of my creative world BUTTERFLY BAZAAR as the bright colours and volume of goods reminded me of colourful street market. At fairs I am often asked if a website exists… so this is the start of the next chapter


I have always been fascinated by the use of colour and this plays a big part of my creative process as a look at my website will demonstrate. I hope you find something that appeals.


Thanks for looking, Sarah

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